Me and Jackie O

And she stood there, silent, lost in what was before our eyes. That big old reservoir had much more than just gallons and gallons of water, it also had all our memories inside it.
“Do you think things will ever be the same?” i asked, knowing that when you ask something like that you already have your answer and it ain’t “yes”.
She gave me a smile as an answer, a sad and distant smile. We both knew. He wasn’t coming back and we both had to deal with it our own way.
She turned her back to the reservoir and started walking, touching me gently with her hand in my shoulder as she passed by. I made no attempt in following her.
I felt a cool breeze coming from the reservoir and i looked back to that very special oasis that made Central Park my second home.
It was then that i saw a midget swimming just a few yards to my left  and i finally understood why I was thinking, speaking and writing in english. 

David Lynch had done it again.

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